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22BD - BookNum:304

Art of Kissing

Hugh Morris

Dewey Subject Codes: 302 392
Description:  – Information about this book has been viewed 33932 times, 506 times previously this month.
Very Interesting Book -- Nelly - Cicero, IL
Comment By: Lothario Revived – Birmingham, AL – June 4, 1999, 19:26
The book is 62 years old, my age, and some of the language and ideas on male dominance outdated but the subject isn't. Even the thought of kissing a girl is heavenly. A kiss is a Keatsian moment. The book reminded me that I have been too perfunctory in kissing my wife recently. I will take her for a walk and movie tonight, two 1950's kissing scenarios.
Comment By: Vin – piscataway, NJ – June 7, 1999, 19:06
good work
Comment By: johny – new york, ny – September 13, 1999, 00:14
a ver good book
Comment By: marpaung – yogyakarta, indonesia – September 27, 1999, 12:59
It's very good
Comment By: Dan – Winnipeg, MB – October 26, 1999, 20:53
Great Book
Comment By: Ixnay – perth, wa – December 8, 1999, 21:26
very helpful book, many techniques are mentioned and it is great advice
Comment By: jiggs – Lima, peru – May 22, 2000, 21:06
Nice book about kissing and gives good account of kissing.
Comment By: stricky – Harare, Zimbabwe – October 23, 2000, 05:13
erm, actually I didn't think it was that great
Comment By: strix – Harare, Zimbabwe – April 12, 2001, 14:17
Why the hell is this book so popular? Are people downloading it based on the title alone? It's just a silly sexist nothing from way back in time. Why not go read a real book? Or, if you're feeling kinky, the Karma Sutra. For true romance, read Shakepeare, or Edgar Allan Poe. Or is this book just being pushed so the site owners can cash in on Amazon? hmmmm....
Comment By: crazy – uniondale, NY – October 11, 2001, 18:23
where date is this book publish.
Comment By: Michael Phillips – Greenville, SC – March 19, 2002, 15:37
Sure, the copyright is 1936, and yes, it has what would be categorized as sexist overtones if someone were to write this same book today. But the advice is, at worst, humorous and playful; at best, an enjoyable opportunity to open one's mind to some advice from days of yore. Don't frame it in contemporary contexts, just take it for what it was in the thirties--and enjoy!
Comment By: Jason Williams – Miami, FL – November 15, 2002, 10:51
The book's great
Comment By: Alpha Male – Cape Town, South Africa – January 29, 2004, 17:27
Great book. Be the kisser you were intended to be.
Comment By: Sick and wrong, yet funny... – Ogden, UT – April 21, 2004, 00:02
If you take it for granted that the author was a chauvinistic Sadist, this book makes sense. Otherwise, all I can say is: First, DON'T take what he says seriously and/or act on it!!! Second, your laughter at reading this aloud in a Denny's won't bother the other tables, since they'll be laughing right along with you...
Comment By: Anonymous – Some Town, Some Where – August 26, 2005, 09:03

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