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This is a new service we are trying out.

Let's say you have a box of books you are thinking of selling at a garage sale or giving to the local thrift shop. Perhaps you're wondering of these books have any significant value. You don't want to put a fifty cent price on a book that's worth $500. And, yes, there are books that are worth $500.

Or perhaps it's the other way around, you're at a thrift shop or the church rummage sale. Maybe you're a student at the college book store shuddering as you look at the prices they want for your texts. What about checking to see how much Amazon would charge for this book.

This is a quick and easy way to check the Amazon prices for a book.

You enter an ISBN number and click on Get Prices.

You will get up to four prices:
  1. The List Price
  2. Amazon's Selling Price
  3. The lowest New Book Price from a Third Party seller on Amazon
  4. The lowest Used Book Price on Amazon again from a Third Party
How, you might be asking, do I check these prices if I'm at a thrift shop or the college bookstore?

Well, pull out your PDA, or your web enabled cell phone and come to

You just might want to put this URL into your phone/pda in advance and 'bookmark' it rather than typing in all that gibberish when you're at the garage sale.

All This Data on the tiny screen on my cell phone? You gotta be kidding.

Nope, if you come here using Firefox or Internet Explorer we'll assume you're on a PC and you'll get the page heading at the top and some explanatory information, for instance we'll say:

Publishers List Price = $5.00 (or whatever the price is)

If you come here using some other browser we'll just say:


At least that's the way it is supposed to work. This software is still in Beta. Let me know if you see a problem.

No ISBN Number on that particular book. Sorry, for now we can only work with the numbers. You could go to Amazon directly, but they really aren't set up for a small screen.

Cost? -- Zero, for now. But if you're using a PC, we'll give you a chance to buy the book from Amazon. If you want the book (or any other book), we'd appreciate your using our link. You will pay no more and we'll get a small commission and help cover our costs of keeping this site up.

Eventually, we might start charging for the service. Perhaps we'll keep it free for the List Price and Amazon's price, and charge three cents for the other information. I wouldn't mind making enough money off of this site to buy a beer once in a while.

Any comments, you can contact me at: john_matlock(at)